Simple Attendance Tracking

What is Sheepdog?

Sheepdog is a fast and simple attendance app for preschools and childcare centers that works on any internet-connected device. Its intuitive interface allows users to adapt instantly: no training necessary.

Attendance is a tedious but necessary part of every school day. With Sheepdog, teachers can account for students quickly and get back to more important tasks.

You can streamline your attendance process with Sheepdog for just $0.25 per month per student.

Take a Look

School Page

This page shows the list of classes and is where teachers can access their class pages. Next to each class name are two numbers: the total number of students in the class and the number of students already checked in.

Class Page

Each class has its own page that shows the list of students enrolled. Beside each student’s name is a button to check in, a button to check out, and the student’s current check-in status.

Admin Interface

Administrators have access to all pages and can monitor the day's attendance from any computer. Sheepdog's administrator interface makes it easy to add classes, teachers, and students to your database.

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